Landscape ecology – making the future, learning from the past

In 2022, the next European Landscape Ecology Congress will take place. The IALE2022 Congress is IALE2021+1, originally scheduled in 2021 but postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The IALE 2022 European Landscape Ecology Congress aims to highlight landscape ecology as the transdisciplinary platform linking past, present and future. This approach is especially needed now when the world is facing global challenges such as climate crisis, biodiversity loss, environmental pollution, mass migration and urbanization. A holistic, landscape approach to the complex cultural-environmental systems – which is the essence of landscape ecology – provides the perfect framework for combining transdisciplinary tools and perspectives to better understand the diverse phenomena and processes around us and to predict and properly manage them. That is why we want to learn from past experience and knowledge to take responsibility for shaping sustainable landscapes and societies of the future.


The call for short courses is now closed and the schedule has been published! We are happy to announce that on Friday, July 15, two short courses will take place.

Please welcome our new patron – Minister of Climate and Environment, Anna Moskwa!

We are pleased to announce that the full programme for the IALE 2022 European Landscape Ecology Congress has been set up and is available here. Note that it may be subject to change so please follow the updates. The condensed overview of the symposia schedule can be found here.